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  • What is rocketWiFi ?
    rocketWiFi is a home broadband internet service based on the latest Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology.
  • What is the difference between rocketWiFi and 4G mobile data services?
    rocketWiFi is a form of fixed broadband service. What is essentially means is that, you can only use the service at a certain location such as your Home or Office. But, unlike 4G services, rocketWiFi can promise you guaranteed speeds and Unlimited data at much affordable prices and with greater stability.
  • Do I really need rocketWiFi at Home ?
    If you are some one with the following internet usage patterns, then rocketWiFi could be the MVP that had you always seek for: You like watching YouTube at the best video quality and resolution possible. You enjoy online content on your Smart TV You enjoy online video streaming and OTT services such as: Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Zee5, Voot etc. You like Peer to Peer contents such as Torrents and Popcorn Time You like to play and download games often, either on your PC or console. And most importantly, if you don’t like daily data limits and believe that you should be the one who decides how much data should you consume on a daily basis.
  • How could rocketWiFi help at my Business environment ?
    rocketWiFi could help you in your Business environment by: enabling High speed and low latency latency connections for your mission critical applications. Fiber Optic Broadband connections are many times faster than your traditional Copper based broadband connections that your normally source from you Telephone Company. Also, it is much stable and swift than any traditional 3G/4G connection. providing reliability and service stability that is not possible from any standard Telephone Company or 3G / 4G service providers. providing you with an option to block certain websites at your Business Environment and hence enhancing workforce efficiency. enabling live CCTV feed from your office to your mobile phone. enabling you to accept online payments or orders with ease. providing unlimited data for your unlimited business potential.
  • I have multiple devices at my home. What type of plan should I use ?
    In case you have multiple devices at home, we would strongly recommend you to subscribe to an Unlimited Connection.
  • Can I share my Wi-Fi Broadband connection with my neighbour ?
    NO. Such practices are unauthorized from a legal standpoint. You would be held personally liable for any unauthorized activity detected on your Wi-Fi connection. Would you with your right mind allow your neighbour to be in control of your mobile number ? Consequences of both the scenarios are the same.
  • Do I need to purchase a WiFi Router ?
    For Home customers, you do not need to purchase anything. Everything necessary to use the WiFi service at your Home shall be provided by rocketWiFi. For, Business customers, a standard WiFi router is provided along with your installation. For any additional router or networking device, respective charges against the additional equipment shall apply.
  • How do I configure my router ?
    Please refer to the following steps in sequence to configure the router, provided by rocketWiFi along with your connection. Please note that the steps may differ on different models of routers from the same or different manufacturers. However, the underlying logic remains the same. We have used a Windows 10 based laptop for the demonstration. rocketWiFi recommends you to do the same for reliability purposes. DO NOT use your Smart-phone for this operation. Step 1: Please connect to the Wi-Fi router. It most cases, the name of the router would the generic name of the manufacturer, and would broadcast a Open Wi-Fi signal (NO need for any password to login), as shown below: Step 2: Select a browser of your choice and type in: or (either one should work) on the browser’s address bar. The following page should appear: Note: Login with the default password: admin Step 3: Check Physical Connections. All necessary cables are included in the Wi-Fi router’s retail box. Please make sure that all cable connections between the Wi-Fi router and the Fiber Modem are in proper order. Any loose physical connections should be secured tightly. The rj45 connector of the LAN connection makes a clicking sound when connected properly. The WAN port of the Wi-Fi router should be connected directly to the Fiber modem using a standard CAT5 or CAT6 patch cable. Step 4: Upon successful login, you would greeted with a familiar type of screen: Now configure the services as under: User name: Would be provided by rocketWiFi. Password: 12345 or 123456 Service Name: rocketWiFi Sever Name: Keep it Blank. SSID: Name of your Wi-Fi network that would be visible on your Wireless devices, such as Mobiles, Laptops and Smart TVs. Type in rocketWiFi_(any name you like). However, the name should always be prefixed by rocketWiFi. This would help rocketWiFi greatly during remote maintenance. Wireless password: Password of your Wi-Fi router. A strong Wi-Fi password should have at least: 1 letter in upper case, 1 letter in lower case, 1 number and 1 special character. For example: @GkiT7e8#. Step 5: Upon successful configuration, the Wi-Fi router’s Status page would seem something like this:
  • How do I change my Wi-Fi password ?
    Please follow the steps chronologically as mentioned: Step 1: Login to your your router on a PC, wired directly with the router. In case, you do not have access to a PC, please login via Wi-Fi using the steps mentioned in the : "How do I configure my router" article in the FAQ section. Step 2: Select Wireless Settings: Step 3: On the Wireless Settings page, scroll down, and Disable WPS. This step is necessary only during the initial password setup. If Disabled by default, leave as it is: Step 4: Now scroll up, and change the following settings as shown: SSID Name: Name of your Wi-Fi network that would be visible on your Wireless devices. You need not change this, unless otherwise necessary. Encryption: WPA/WPA2-PSK Mixed (Recommended) Wi-Fi Password: Provide your new secure password here. Hit Save. The Wi-Fi router would reboot automatically at this point. Step 6: Connect to your Wi-Fi network using the new password.
  • Where can I find my username?
    rocketWiFi shall provide you the username during your account activation process. In case, you forgot your username, please email us regarding the same Alternatively, you can also Call or WhatsApp us at the following numbers: +91-75789-42297 or +91-91017-69410.
  • My Wi-Fi doesn’t connect after password reset. What should I do?
    Step 1: Right click on: Wi-Fi icon on the right corner of your Desktop Screen: Step 2: Click on: Open Network & Internet Settings Step 3: Click on Wi-Fi: Step 4: Click on Manage Known Networks: Step 5:Select your Wi-Fi network and click on Forget: Step 6: Connect with the new password :
  • Why am I not getting my Plan speed on Wi-Fi ?
    Since Wi-Fi is a wireless medium, data loss occurs during transmission and reception. Hence full speeds on Wi-Fi may not be possible in certain environments. Use a LAN cable to connect the Wi-Fi router and your PC or TV directly to achieve full plan speed. Learn more about Wi-Fi technology with this video from Technical Guruji: But, if you are just like us, who loves diving down into technical details, watch this awesome video from Brit Lab (BBC Earth Lab):
  • What is the most preferred location to set up my Wi-Fi router ?
    Your Wi-Fi router should be placed in the middle of your premise for optimal omnidirectional coverage. Also keep away your Wi-Fi routers from the following equipment: Microwave Oven, CRT TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine or any other heavy electrical appliances. Otherwise, you may face unnecessary signal interference and would experience slower speeds. Learn more about the science of Where and How to place your Wi-Fi router with this SciShow video from YouTube:
  • I have a big home / office. Would a single Wi-Fi router suffice ?
    We do NOT recommend a single Wi-Fi router for coverage on a multi-storeyed or large property. Not only the signal would be weak, but you may face severe connection drops. In order to achieve the full potential of your broadband connection, we would highly recommend you to get additional routers as may be applicable in your particular situation. Please contact rocketWiFi technical support for any help.
  • What is the range of you supplied Wi-Fi router ?
    The range of the Wi-Fi signal would be influenced by the environment. However under ideal conditions, the indoor range of our Wi-Fi router is 15 metres and the outdoor range (with Line of Sight) is around 45 metres.
  • 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi . Which is better ?
    Both the Wi-Fi bands have certain advantages and disadvantages. Why choose 5 GHz Band ? It has more spectrum, meaning better speeds. Multiple devices on the same router without speed issues. Why NOT to choose 5 GHz band ? Range is low. Requires low or zero obstruction between the router and the device. Not many devices support the 5 GHz band yet. Support available only on premium devices. Why choose 2.4 GHz Band ? Great range. Signals can even penetrate walls to a certain extent. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band is supported on almost all Wi-Fi capable devices. Why NOT to choose 2.4 GHz Band ? Very less amount of spectrum. Hence slower speeds. Cannot connect many devices at the same time on the same place with same or even with a different router on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band. Therefore, we would suggest you to invest in a quality Dual-Band Wi-Fi router. You can learn more about the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands in this YouTube video by Technical Guruji:
  • Do I need to sign in to use your service ?
    No, you need not. Automatic login is enabled on your router.
  • How do I check my connection speed ?
    You can check your connection speed by using the following links: or
  • My connection doesn’t feel smooth, and I suffer glitches while visiting a particular website. What should I do ?"
    Your connection may feel glitches with the connection because of the following reasons: Your Mobile device may be low on memory resources. Please close any unused applications that may be hogging up your RAM. Your Mobile device’s cache memory may be full. Use applications such as: Google Files Go to delete unnecessary files and clear your system’s cache resources. Your mobile device may be old, and doesn’t support the new Wi-Fi 802.11n standard. On your Windows PC, open command prompt (Press Windows Key + R, then Type in cmd and hit Enter). Now type in: ipconfig /flushdns. Your local DNS cache would be flushed by now and the connection should be smooth. In case, your issue is not resolved please contact rocketWiFi customer care.
  • What is FUP ?
    FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy. Fair usage policies are put in place so that a few group of users do not consume all network resources. Often times, we notice that a certain group of users misuse the connection by sharing it with neighbors or friends intentionally or unintentionally. This is an unauthorized action and hamper the broadband experience of other users.
  • What happens once I consume the FUP data ?
    Once you consume the FUP data, your connection speed would be reduced to post FUP speed as mentioned on the Plan Sheet.
  • Where can I track my Data usage?
    You can track your Data usage by using the link: Please login with your username and password. The username shall be provided by rocketWiFi. Default password is: 12345 or 123456.
  • My data usage seems higher than normal. Why is it so ?
    Our systems are calibrated to measure your data consumption accurately to the last megabyte. All our monitoring systems comply with regulations as mandated by the Government of India. Hence there is no scope of error. Your usage may be higher because of the following reasons: Your Windows devices may be downloading updates in the background. Your Android or iOS devices also require regular updates. Please check your Wi-Fi usage metrics on your mobile device to validate your concern. Your device(s) may be infected by malware and viruses. Please use an Antivirus software to protect your system resources from malicious contents. rocketWiFi recommends using Avast Free Antivirus, in case if you have not subscribed to any premium anti-malware product. Your Smart TV may be connected to the Wi-Fi network. Someone on your Wi-Fi network is using P2P sharing services such as Torrents. Someone else may be using your Wi-Fi resources .Please ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi password. rocketWiFi recommends using WPA2-PSK/AES (mixed mode) as the default encryption technology. For more info, on how to configure your Wi-Fi password, please click on this link. Please contact rocketWiFi in case your issues aren’t resolved.
  • Can I use your connection for Live CCTV monitoring ?
    Yes, you can use our Broadband services for Live CCTV feed and monitoring.
  • Which CCTV brands does rocketWiFi support ?
    We have worked majorly with the following brands : CP Plus, Hikvision, Dahua. However, any standard CCTV solution would be compatible with rocketWiFi. But provided the DVR has proper networking interfaces and is compliant with remote monitoring standards.
  • What speed is good for Live CCTV feed ?
    It depends on the number and type of cameras used in your specific application. We have the following table of recommendations to help you out: So, for example if you have set up, where you need live monitoring of 5 units of 2MP cameras, we would recommend a minimum connection speed of : 5 Cameras X 1 Mbps per Camera = 5 Mbps Please feel free to contact us regarding any recommendations on speeds for your CCTV needs.
  • How much would I need to pay against Installation at my Home or Office ?
    You need to provide a refundable security deposit of ₹4,500 /- against your installation. This amount is partially refundable upon the termination of your connection, subjected to the following conditions: Labor charges amounting ₹1000 /- shall NOT be refundable. Router and ONU, that is provided by rocketWiFi should be returned in proper working condition. Retail boxes of the equipment provided, along with all the included accessories or product documentations should be returned on termination of account.
  • Any warranty provided against the equipment supplied by rocketWiFi ?
    rocketWiFi shall provide free of cost replacement for any product that comes under the standard warranty terms and conditions of the respective manufacturer. rocketWiFi shall however be not responsible for any equipment damage arising out of conditions predefined in the equipment’s standard warranty policy. The warranty is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of your account activation or product purchase, whichever may apply.
  • I think my current subscription plan is slower for my requirements. Can I change it ?
    You can upgrade to any plan as per your preference. However, we would strongly recommend you to do so at the beginning or end of your current subscription month. Since, all recharges are non adjustable and non refundable in nature, hence, it would be a financially sound decision to request for such changes during the start or at the end of your monthly subscription cycle.
  • How can I change my rocketWiFi subscription plan ?
    You could do so by simply purchasing the Broadband plan of your choice at : Alternatively you could mail us at: . You could also use WhatsApp or Calls to communicate with our support teams at the following numbers: +91-7578942297 or +91-9101769410.
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